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Clay Break Residency at the University of Arkansas

Clay Break ~~~

The non-ceramic-artist’s summer ceramic arts residency.


Clay Break is a ceramics residency tailored to artists whose primary training and focus lie outside of ceramics.

UARK Ceramics is a thriving community of ceramic artists, educators, and students with an interest in fostering a rich dialogue about clay’s role in contemporary art. Clay Break is an opportunity for us to open our doors and share our facilities and expertise with artists who are clay-curious. The program was conceived with an awareness that for those who want to familiarize or reacquaint themselves with the material, locating a supportive environment that also provides a significant time period for uninterrupted development can be a challenge. We want to help. Our commitment is to provide the time, space, facilities, and technical support to assist our residents in the creation of a significant body of new works in clay—we wish to give our residents a break from the established routines of their practice, and help them discover something new for themselves in clay.